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"Thank you David for coming to the MEC and sharing your experience with us. We learnt lots about Mt. Everest.
You also taught a lot of people to follow their dreams" ........the students of Maryborough Education Centre

Latest News David's Seven Summit Quest....
Feb 2014 Finally returning to the mountains with Jimmy to climb one of America's classics  - Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainier, WA, USA in the 1st week of July 2014

19-December-2011 Success on the final 7th summit! David reaches the summit of 6,962m cerro Aconcagua (the tallest peak in South America) completing, what started back in 1999, his Seven Summit Quest to scale the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents. View photos......

26-November-2011 An incredible journey to the Antarctica during the 100th anniversary of the race to the south pole - David and team summit 4,892m Vinson Massif (the tallest peak in Antarctica) in cold, but otherwise perfect conditions. View photos......

Preparations are now underway for the completion of David's Seven Summit quest to climb the tallest mountain on every continent. With just two peaks remaining, on the 14th November David will be travelling to the Antarctica to attempt to climb Vinson Massif, before then heading for the Andes to join climbing partner Jimmy Herbaugh to reach the summit and traverse Aconcagua via the polish glacier.

Summit of Greece's 2917m Mt Olympus.

David has returned from a successful trip to Africa reaching the summit of Mt Kenya (in Kenya), and Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. With a successful ascent of Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain, David completes the 5th of his Seven Summit Quest.

Summited Mount Kinabalu: South East Asia's and Malaysia's highest mountain. The descent was on Kinabalu's via ferrata - the highest via ferrata in the world.

David and all members of the Denali Quest Expedition summited Denali just after 7pm on 23rd June 2011 in good conditions 2011denali.blogspot.com Denali is David's 4th summit of the Seven Summit Quest.

23-May-2008 David summits Everest after a surviving an epic descent in which he found himself alone, high on the south face, in darkness and starved of oxygen. Read more.......
The quest to climb the highest point on each of the seven continents has inspired many a generation of climbers from around the world. Read more......

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