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David is a management professional from Melbourne, Australia. He is also a keen outdoor enthusiast; mountaineering, trail running, paragliding and endurance events are his main pursuits. 

In 2006 he climbed his first 8000m peak - Cho Oyu in Tibet - the 6th tallest mountain the world.

May 2008 he became the 49th Australian to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the worlds tallest mountain at 8,848m.

In 2009 he cycled across the Taklamakan desert of far western China, completing the fastest recorded traverse crossing the gruelling 730km of one of the world's largest deserts in just 93hrs.

Early 2011, he completed his first 100km endurance event in the HK100 - a demanding mountainous course, with over 5000m of cumulative elevation gain, traversing across Hong Kong island.

And the latest achievement.....on the 19th December 2011 David became one of the few Australians to accomplish the Seven Summits feat of scaling the tallest mountain on all seven continents. 

Climbing the Seven Summits was a goal that took 12 years to complete. With a busy climbing schedule in 2011, David scaled 6198m Denali, also known as Mt. McKinley in Alaska; 5900m Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa; 4198m Mt. Vinson Massif in the Antarctica, and finally, 6962m Mt. Aconcagua, located high in the Andes mountains of South America.

He had previously reached the summit of Mt. Elbrus in Russia, Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia, and Mt. Everest; the world's and Asia's highest peak.

Summiting Aconcagua was a particularly sweet moment for David and conclusion to the Seven Summits, as it was his second attempt, having tried to conquer the mountain in 1999, only to have to turn back just 200m below the summit due to dangerously, strong winds.

David is now sharing the experience of this Seven Summit quest, and of taking on such demanding challenges, by talking to corporations, schools and charities.

He plans on several new challenging projects in the near future.

David has worked in the manufacturing / automotive industry for the past 20 years, serving in international managerial roles in Australia, North America, Malaysia, China and currently in Thailand.


8000m Summits - the world's tallest peaks

» Everest 8848m, Nepal - tallest mountain in the world, via south col, unguided
» Cho Oyu
8201m, Tibet - 6th tallest mountain in the world, via normal route, unguided

Seven Summits -  highest on each continent

1. Everest 8848m, Nepal - tallest mountain in the world, via south col, unguided
2. Elbrus 5642m, Caucasus mountains, Russia, via normal route
3. Denali (Mt McKinley) 6198m, Alaska USA - expedition organizer, via the west buttress, unguided
4. Kosciusko 2228m, Australia - via Hannels track, solo/unguided
Kilimanjaro 5895m, Tanzania - via Umbwe Western Breach route
6. Aconcagua 6930m, Argentina - expedition leader via false Polish glacier
7. Vinson Massif 4892m, The Ellsworth Ranges, Antarctica


» Elbrus
5642m, Caucasus mountains, Russia, via normal route
» Mont Blanc 3 Mont Traverse 4808m, France - expedition leader via 3 mont traverse, tallest mountain in Italy/France/The Alps
» Mt Olympus 2917m, Greece - tallest mountain in Greece - Mytikas Peak, solo/unguided


» Mt Kenya
5199m, Kenya - tallest mountain in Kenya - traverse via Lennana Peak
» Mt Meru 4566m, Tanzania - 2nd tallest mountain in Tanzania
» Kilimanjaro 5895m, Tanzania - tallest mountain in Africa via Umbwe Western Breach route

North America & Mexico

» Denali (McKinley) 6198m, Alaska USA - expedition organizer, unguided, via the west buttress
» el Pico de Orizaba 5611m, Mexico - via pico sur route, solo/unguided
» Mt Whitney 4419m, California - late winter ascent via mountaineer's route, solo/unguided
» Mt Rainier 4393m, Washington, via disappointment cleaver, twice expedition leader, unguided
» Mauna
Kea 4198m, Hawaii
» Timpanogos 3582m, Utah - winter ascent via aspen grove/timpooneke route, solo/unguided
» Mt Hood
3426m, Oregon - via hogsback route, expedition leader
» Mt Mitchell 2037m, The Appalachians, North Carolina, - highest mountain in Eastern USA

United States fifty state summits:

1. Alaska - Denali 20320'
2. California - Mount Whitney 14494'
3. Georgia - Brasstown Bald 4784'
4. Hawaii - Mauna Kea 13796'
5. Oregon - Mount Hood 11239'
6. North Carolina - Mount Mitchell 6684'
7. South Carolina- Sassafras mountain 3560'
8. Tennessee - Clingman's Dome 6643'
9. Washington - Mount Rainier 14410'

South America

» Chimborazo 6310m, Ecuador via whymper hut/normal route
» Cotopaxi 5897m, Ecuador - twice summited via normal route, sol/unguided
» Illiniza Norte
5126m, Ecuador - via normal route, solo/unguided
» Aconcagua 6930m, Argentina - expedition leader via Polish glacier traverse


» Mt Kosciusko 2228m, Australia - via Hannels track, solo/unguided
» Mt Bogong 1986m, Victoria - winter ascent, solo/unguided
» Mt Feathertop 1922m, Victoria - winter ascent (3 times summited) - solo/unguided
» Mt Ossa 1617m, Tasmania - overnight trail run via 86km trail run of the Overland Trail, solo/unguided


» Doi Inthanon 2565m, Thailand
» Mt Bromo 2329m, East Java, Indonesia
» China Sacred Summits
- EmeiShan 3099m
- Huashan via ferrata 1290m
- Songshan 1494m
- TaiShan 1545m
» Huangshan 1864m, China
» Changbai Shan China/North Korea - winter ascent from China side, solo/unguided
» Tai Mo Shan 957m, Hong Kong - summited during the HK100 (100km) trail run
» Mt Fuji 3776m, Japan - attempted in 2010 retreated due to improper equipment for the icy conditions
» Kinabalu via ferrata 4,095m, Malaysia - descended the via ferrata - the highest in the world
» YuShan Traverse
 3952m, Taiwan - planning for 2012

Other Activities

» Paragliding
- Australia, China & Indonesia

» Cycling
- 2009 - 730km across the Taklamakan Desert, Xinjiang, China


2009 ½ Marathon - Dalian
2009 Changchun 30km trail
2009 Marathon - Pattaya
2009 Hangzhou 28km trail
2009 Marathon - Hangzhou
2009 Marathon - Shanghai

2010 Marathon - Xiamen
2010 Marathon - Hong Kong Coastal
2010 Marathon - Seoul
2010 Marathon - Dalian
2010 Changchun 30km trail
2010 Ultra - TNF 100km Duo Singapore (8th place)
2010 Hangzhou 28km trail
2010 Marathon - Beijing
2010 Marathon - Seoul
2010 Marathon - Shanghai

2011 Ultra - HK100km Hong Kong
2011 Marathon - Tokyo
2011 Marathon - Seoul
2011 Marathon - Dandong
2011 Devil Bend trail
2011 Hangzhou 28km trail
2011 Marathon - Beijing

2012 Xiamen 60km cross country trail
2012 Marathon - Chongqing
2012 Marathon - Dalian
2012 Marathon - Pattaya
2012 Marathon - Songkhla
2012 Marathon - Rayong
2012 Marathon - Bangkok

2013 HK100km Hong Kong ultra
2013 Marathon - Phuket
2013 Columbia 50km Trailmasters, Thailand
2013 Marathon - Pattaya
2013 Bangkok Queen's Cup ½ Marathon, Thailand
2013 The North Face 100km Singapore
2013 Marathon - Rayong, Thailand
2013 Ultra - Zulu Warrior Run 80km - Thailand
2013 Marathon - Bangkok, Thailand
2013 HK168 Hong Kong (finished 98km of 168km)

2014 UTMF Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, Japan (finished 105km of 169km)
2014 Isuzu Roboman Triathlon, Thailand
2014 Toyota Hua Hin Triathlon, Thailand
2014 Bangkok Queen's Cup ½ Marathon, Thailand

2014 Bangkok Dash Triathlon, Thailand
2014 Penang Bridge Marathon, Malaysia
2014 HK168 Hong Kong (finished 98km of 168km)

2015 Columbia 50km Trailmasters, Thailand
2015 UTKC Ultra Trail Koh Chang 66km, Thailand
2015 Rayong LMP Olympic Triathlon #1, Thailand
2015 Phuket Marathon, Thailand
2015 Rayong LMP Olympic Triathlon #2, Thailand
2015 Bangkok TriLeague Triathlon, Thailand
2015 Pattaya Kings Cup Marathon, Thailand
2015 Columbia 50km Trailmasters, Thailand
2015 UTMF - Ultra Trail Mt Fuji, Japan (100km of 169km)
2015 Pattaya TriLeague Triathlon, Thailand

2016 Bang Saen TriLeague Triathlon, Thailand
2016 Nong Nooch ½ Marathon, Thailand
2016 Bangkok Dash Triathlon, Thailand
2016 Translantau100
2016 Bangkok Dash Triathlon, Thailand
2016 Pattana Olympic Triathlon, Thailand
2016 Pattaya TriLeague Olympic Triathlon, Thailand
2016 Hoorn Marathon, Netherlands
2016 Challenge Triathlon (70.3 miles), Malaysia
2016 Trio - Mt Fuji, Mt Yushan, & Xterra (Japan, Taiwan, Korea)
2016 Vietnam 100km Mountain Marathon, Vietnam (DNF 76km)
2016 TriDash Long, Bangkok, Thailand
2016 Challenge Family Triathlon (70.3 miles), Kanchanaburi, Thailand
2016 Ocean 2 Ocean 128km, Thailand

2017 90k Ride with Princess, Thailand
2017 Columbia 25km Trail, Pattaya, Thailand
2017 Trifactor Triathlon, Sattahip, Thailand
2017 23km Marines run, Sattahip, Thailand
2017 Lions Charity Ride, Pattaya, Thailand
2017 Challenge Family (140.6 miles) Triathlon, Taiwan
2017 Pattaya Sports Club 60km Ride, Thailand
2017 Pattaya TriLeague Olympic Triathlon, Thailand
2017 Isuzu Roboman Triathlon, Thailand
2017 The Great Himalayan Running Festival - 5 marathons, 5 days, 5 mountain passes
2017 Krabi International Triathlon, Thailand
2017 Ankor Empire marathon, Cambodia

2017 Wacoal Motion 100km road, Sri Racha, Thailand
2017 Challenge Triathlon (70.3 miles), Kanchanaburi, Thailand
2017 Busselton Ironman (140.6 miles), WA, Australia

Two Bays Trail Run 56km,Dromana-->Cape Shank-->Dromana
The Overland Track Run 82km Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Upcoming Events

2018 Melbourne Marathon



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